Eagle Weiss

  • Style: Wit

  • ABV: 5%

  • Taste: Fruity

At Wild Clover Brewery, we take great care in hand crafting our beer to perfection. A type of excellence perfectly embodied in our eagle-eyed brew master. It’s only with his great vision, focus and dedication that we could create something as special as this Fruity Wit. While wheat beers are traditionally an Ale, we decided to spread our crafty wings and create a Wit done as a lager. This recipe, securely gripped in our brew master’s claw, ensures a light and easy drinking beer that appeals to all beer lovers. Our Eagle Weiss has the typical fruity character of a Weiss beer, with a strong banana undertone. When it comes to pure enjoyment, this unfiltered Wit is on top of the pecking order.

Blind Mole

  • Style: Pils

  • ABV: 5%

  • Taste: tropical

Even though the muse from down-under behind this Crispy Pils is blind, it’s easy to see why it’s such a crowd pleaser. As our confident and courageous entertainer will attest, it’s good to keep things light. Perfect for those long lazy summer days, this refreshing Lager brewed with the revered Saaz Hop reveals fresh tropical flavours and a well balanced bitterness that hit all the right notes. While our little underground MC might be on the small side, he has made friends up and down the food chain and is considered a welcome member at any table. So it’s safe to say that the heart behind this flavourful, unfiltered Pils is in the right place.

Double Owl

  • Style: Ale

  • ABV: 5.5%

  • Taste: Citrus

Did you hear the one about the two owls who walked into a tasting room? Well, it’s a long story best enjoyed with this brown ale in hand. Because if our two feathery local patrons have taught us anything, it’s that you shouldn’t watch the clock when appreciating the good things in life. This is something we also took to heart when finding the perfect balance between the malt and hops used in our flagship beer. This resulted in a fresh citrus character on the nose followed by a classic nuttiness on the palate which will linger for quite some time – which is just the way the night owls among us like it. So sit back with a friend and let the taste of this unfiltered Ale inspire you to truly savour the moment.

Black Dog

  • Style: Porter

  • ABV: 5.5%

  • Taste: Coffee & Chocolate

Black Dog is not only the name of our flavourful, unfiltered Irish style porter, but also refers to our trusted protector – Zach. He’s in charge of security related matters around the brewery. So when he’s not sleeping with one eye open, he’s known to brave his day-to-day duties while puffing away on a pipe. This is quite fitting as the black beer he inspired boasts with a distinctive smokiness on the nose. The rich dark palate with hints of coffee and chocolate rounds this porter off as a perfect winter beer. And with its slightly sweet character, this beer is best paired with meat dishes, baked desserts or even quality dark chocolate. It will only take one sip for you to get to know man’s other best friend – this Smokey Porter from Wild Clover Breweries.