Wild Clover Family

At Wild Clover Brewery, our vision is simple: to make pure authentic, handcrafted beer using traditional and natural brewing methods and quality ingredients. While the origins of our brewing grew from a place of curiosity, our passion for the craft only really took form when we found our home – The wild clover farm just outside Stellenbosch. It’s here where our brand family adopted the likes of pair of owls, an elusive mole, a Cape eagle and a formidable staffie, Zach. With a clear mission, only the right ingredients, time and some imagination we decided to tackle 4 classic international beer recipes and, inspired by these four local critters, made them our own.

Our Brewmaster

As a student and young working man Ampie Kruger, was a huge beer lover. Even though he was so into beer that he at some point got himself a home brewing kit – he eventually lost his taste for it and moved on to other beverages (Living in the heart of South Africa’s wine industry may have had something to do with this).
It’s not until years later during an afternoon pub crawl in to London that Ampie rediscovered his love for real beer. Upon his return he was determined to keep the relationship going but found most local beers to be lacking and most imports way too expensive.
Luckily an old friend and keen home-brewer, Christo Straus, offered Ampie a taste of his own brew and pointed him in the right direction for making his first English Brown Ale.
Once the beer bug bit, Ampie continued to experiment, play and craft his way to becoming a formidable beer brewing aficionado. After a few years his good friend and fellow home-brewer, Karel Coetzee, suggested they take their craft to the next level by starting their own brewery. Ampie, without hesitation, said yes!

Our History

Wild Clover Brewery was started in 2008 as a home brew hobby by Brew Master Ampie Kruger. During the month of July 2010, now co-owner, Karel Coetzee helped shape the idea of brewing for business reasons. We immediately started developing recipes and looking for a place where we could make it happen. In early 2011 we found the perfect spot at the Wild Clover Farm (on the R304 near Stellenbosch) and soon applied for our brewer’s licence.
In October 2011 we moved into our newly renovated premises on the farm. It’s there where our brand family adopted the likes of pair of owls, an elusive mole, a Fish eagle and a formidable staffie, Zach who would all go on to have beers named after them.
After some crafting, hard work and finally getting our Brewer’s Licence, we opened their doors on the 1st of September 2012.

Pure Handcrafted Beer